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December 31, 2013
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It was getting dark soon. Herobrine and I came back from a mining tour.

“So…um…will you go to the ball this evening?” Herobrine asked me as I threw all the ores we got into our chests. “No, why should I?” I responded crossing my arms before my chest. “You can meet royalty and …”   “…be bored to death. Hero, seriously, they will all just talk about their fame and stuff. Imagine it. A Griefer between those snobs. It will be a total disaster. Do you really think I would go with you to some stupid party where nobody understands the word ´party´?” I responded harshly.
“Yes” Herobrine nodded with a grin.
“Aaaah, why do I even bother. You would have teleported me to this anyways.” I groaned, throwing my hands into the air.
“Look, sweetheart, you…”
“Don’t come me with ´sweetheart´, I am NOT a sweetheart!” I growled.
“But it sounds cute and fits with your bow” the lord of the Nether said and put the red bow in my hair.
“You know how much I hate this bow, Hero.” I said with a glare.
Sadness flashed over his face but quickly was replaced with a pokerface.
“Anyways, I am hoping to see you there tonight. I got to go and look after my kingdom. I bet those brats let fireworks loose again.” Herobrine gave a small kiss on my forehead “Bye”
“Bye” I said and blushed a little while Herobrine was disappearing.
After he was gone I rubbed my cheeks. “How dare you, body. Ladies don’t blush.”

The ballroom was crowded and there was royalty everywhere between the normal Players.
In the middle was something big covered under sheets. The mayor of the city wanted to reveal it when the fireworks where set off.
Herobrine looked around the room. “Wow, a lot of people came today. I wonder where she is…if she even comes
Just as he finished his thought the door opened. Suddenly, everybody went quiet as someone stepped into the room, walking towards the God of the mobs.

“Keep calm, Dina, keep calm. Ignore all the eyes that are locked at you and keep walking. Juuuust look forward.” I thought nervously, walking towards my husband. My dress was waving with every step. “You can do this. You have trained with Queeny, remember? Just one step at another.” I thought, ignoring the fact that everyone in the room whispered about me.

Herobrine stared with his mouth half open. He had never seen such beauty. His wife was wearing a black dress with white ribbons. Her beautiful, long, black hair was sparkling and flowing with every movement she made.
He was still staring as the lady stood before him, giving a small bow.

“Good evening, Lord Herobrine. I hope I am not too late” I said with a nervous smile.
Herobrine still stared at me with his mouth open but quickly recovered.
“No, milady, you just arrived in time.” he gently smiled back.
The lord of the Nether took my hand and looked around the ballroom.
“My wife has arrived, stop staring!” he said with a glare.
Everybody quickly looked away, minding their own business.
“Finally” I sighted and looked at Hero.

“Wow, she is so beautiful. How comes that I never saw the girl part of her. Was she scared to show it?” Herobrine thought but focused quickly back to reality. His wife was still looking at him.
“S-so….do you want to d-dance, milady?” Herobrine stuttered. “Put yourself together, coward. You are a lord!” He thought.
“I’d like to, milord.” the lady in front of him said. Herobrine took her hand and brought her to the dance floor. The orchestra was playing a calm song and they started dancing.
Herobrine could see that other people were looking and pointing at them. He felt proud for his wife’s beauty. Her hair was flowing with every movement like they had no gravity and her long, black dress was flattering her body.
It felt like they were dancing for hours as the orchestra stopped playing and the mayor stepped at the stage.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a great honor for me to stand here. I’d like to thank all of you for a great year in this city and hope you stay patient with me as mayor. I can be clumsy sometimes.” the mayor said with a grin as the crowd giggled “I would like to thank Lady Dina for protecting this city and giving us a save place to stay. Applause for her, please.” Everyone in the ballroom applauded and cheered.
Herobrine turned around to see his wife twirling around and giving a bow to the crowd.
“It was a pleasure for me and I thank you all for accepting me like I am. No, even offering me things like food if I was running low and helping me with the horse farm.” She waved at WildBeastTamer who came from another city to this party. She was wearing a golden dress with red ornaments and had golden streaks in her hair. Next to her was Omeggga clopping his hooves at the ground. He was wearing a nice looking tuxedo with a red bowtie.

I could see many of my friends in the crowd.
WolfRocks, wearing a beautiful white dress.
Namarama with her long grey dress she was always wearing.
Akia, who was wearing a long purple dress waved at me.
Night Slash was flicking his blue tail. He was wearing a shimmering tuxedo.
ButterCattFish. Boxcar, Ani-chuuu, Ender-Brine, JeremyArts, SeceretAquaMoon, minecraft78, awesomefish01, Kasiimi, o0Herobrine0o, RebeccaBajanJerome, ElfangorCharizard, HimawariSakurazuka, drakdrowned, ShadowX and Starcatwarrior were all waving at me as I looked around the ballroom.
The mayor cleared his throat to gain attention and quickly it was quiet again.
“Before we can say goodbye to this year we reveal the Royal Couple of this century.” The mayor pressed a button and before the big thing under the sheets appeared two thrones.
´Oohs´ and `Aahs` could be heard around the room.
Drum-roll was playing as the mayor opened a card. “The Royal Couple of this century is…”
Spotlights were travelling around the room and suddenly they stopped at me and Herobrine.
“Lady Dina and Lord Herobrine! Applause!”
I was shocked. I didn’t like so much attention. Everybody in the ballroom was applauding and cheering. Herobrine took my hand and pulled me to the two thrones. As I sat down the thing under the sheets were revealed.

It was a big, golden statue of me and Herobrine.

The cheering became even louder. After a while the mayor coughed again to gain attention.
“This year was a happy and successful one. But we need to let go of the old things to achieve new hopes and dreams. Ladies and Gentlemen, it was a pleasure for me to bring this town to such popularity and I hope I can continue this in the future. May I beg you to go outside for the fireworks.”
Soon everybody was standing outside the building. The night sky was beautiful and full of stars. Herobrine wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. “How is the party for you? Is it as boring as you imagined?” he said with a grin. I didn’t want do answer so I just leaned my head at his shoulder and watched the stars as the people began to count the seconds down.
“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3” They shouted.
“I love you!” Herobrine said and kissed me deeply. “Happy New Year” the people shouted.
I slowly closed my eyes, drunk from the kiss. “I love you too” I thought, fully concentrated at Herobrines soft lips.
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